Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

 Well, it had to happen sometime.  We'd been enjoying having the best babysitter in the world two days a week up until about January.  But she and her husband found an opportunity to move into a better apartment, closer to her husband's work in a really, nice city. . . 45 -50 mins away.  So, we had to say goodbye and I began to scramble to find a new sitter.  Not finding one immediately, I turned to a friend who I knew had connections to a small, private preschool that had infant care, and who took infants part-time, a rarity.  I had visited them before when I was impressed but glad I didn't have to go that route as of yet.  But it apeared as though, I was going to enroll my girl.   They were wonderful, kind, excited and caring.  I knew Claire was in very good hands. But the very weekend after she enrolled, Claire came down with a mercilessly runny nose, cough and chest congestion.  I tried not to worry, as kids get colds, but when she started pulling at her ear, I, the newbie parent, decided to take her to a Urgent Care Center down the road, just to make sure her, apparent, ear infection wasn't too bad.  She did, in fact, have an ear infection and a throat infection to boot!  So, I was left with a decision.  Being a "natural parenting, natural healing" type, I was not as interested in giving my barely 9 month old daughter Amoxicillian, but I was also nervous.   So, I gave it to her.  The whole 10 day dosage.  Then, looked up every blog, natural-type friend, book whatever, I could get my hands on in order to prevent this from happening again.  A good friend at church suggested the Ear Oil from Henry's which contains Mullein Flower, Coptis Root, Garlic Bulb and Amica Flower.  She uses it on her girls each time they come down with a partiularly bad runny nose and hasn't seen so much as an ear infection since.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I think antibiotics have their place in modern medicine and I believe allopathic medicine is amazing. I'm also certain this won't be the last time my little girl finds herself taking an antibiotic for something.  But as much as I can treat my family naturally the better for their health and for our bank accounts.  But I digress.
Claire returned to the school after a week of staying home with mama and various family members.  This was hard because the week she missed, we still had to pay.  I understand this from a business standpoint. I really, really do.  But we were having a tough time affording tuition as it was and then to pay when she was gone. . . I had a hard time writing that check.  That weekend, she was sick again.  Fever spiked to about 102.5, we think, at one point (stupid thermometer isn't real reliable. . . we've since bought a new one). About that time, a friend of our former babysitter agreed to watch her two days a week.  She actually seemed excited, elated even to watch my little bundle of giggles.  I couldn't believe my luck.  However, I knew the daycare had a "two week notice" policy.  I called, told them the situation and the WAIVED THE TWO WEEKS!!  So, Claire busted outta daycare.  She will, possibly, return for preschool.  I really like their program.  We'll see.
Anyway, for now, she's crawling all over the house, pulling up on furniture, figuring out how to feed herself politely (this is still a long work in progress), terroizing the cat, and listening to Daddy's jazz albums.  
Whew, more posts to come this month.    

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