Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heart shapes and little miracles. . .

Another short post.  Just working my way through my thoughts. . .
Diagram Bicornuate Uterus
An idea I glossed over with Ashlyn's birth story post was that I had a heart shaped uterus. . . That gynecologist I saw as a teenager briefly mentioned that she feared that someday I'd have trouble getting pregnant.  I don't remember.  My mom does, though.  But I didn't worry about it much.  Then, or even now.  Didn't think about the "bicornuate uterus" that I once had, only to consider how sad I am/was that it is gone.  The reality of what Dr. Dix suspected years ago was confirmed in the pathology report.  I fleeting mentioned it to a woman at church who has a nursing background.  Her eyes grew huge.  "You carried two babies to term with a bicoruate uterus?!"  Yeah.  I mean, yeah, I guess I did. 
This struck me, not really understanding why this was a big deal.  I thought about it all that afternoon and when I came home dropped "Bicornuate Uterus" into Google.   Wow. Just, wow.  "Several studies show that women with a bicornuate uterus have about a 60% success rate in delivering a living child but have a higher risk of cervical incompetence," said one site. 60%.  60!   "Premature labor, a breech presentation and/or a retained or trapped placenta are also common complaints with a bicornuate uterus," (italics mine) warned another.  I couldn't believe it.  I'd had no problems. None getting pregnant, being pregnant (minus the usual several weeks of nausea) and until the accreta issues with Ashlyn's birth, no issues with delivery.  But that trapped placenta. . .
Reality is, though, I've got two little miracles.  I mean, I already knew this.  I really did. But I'm a little stunned by this, this thing I never knew.  Still working it all out.  But love these two.  A lot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I've liked Mary Oliver's work for some time.  For some reason, this stuck out to me and thought I'd put it here.  I've got some more thoughts and more posts for the next few weeks but thought I'd check in with this. mary oliver. . . hmmm