Friday, February 24, 2012

Growing girls

Herman Girl #2- 19weeks
I'm so behind in writing this.  Kind of embarrassing. But here's to updating. 
Back in December (yes, December) we found out that Herman baby #2 is a girl.  We are excited about another girl.  We have all the decor and clothes :-)  Someday, we'd like a boy (or 2 or 3 or. . . :- ))  but we are glad this one is a girl.  She and Claire will be good friends and not far apart in age.   We are settling on a name and think we might be down to two but think we might be leaning toward one of the two.  We are hesitant to announce the name for a couple reasons. 1.) The way this baby naming has been going this time around, things could always change.  2.) We aren't sure we want to open our thoughts up to opinions yet.  The two names on our list are pretty meaningful (one on a spiritual level) and we just don't want a muddle of everyone else's associations and thoughts yet.  As it gets closer to the big day, we might put it out there, but I'm waiting until it becomes a little more concrete.  We have told a few people some ideas but not many.  We'll get there.

As far as how I'm doing, I'm just starting to feel big and tired.  Tired could be my job these days but I don't think the extra body is helping. I'm 27 weeks pregnant as of this posting and I've heard everything from "wow! you still have until May?!" to "gosh, you hardly look like you just popped out!"  Soo, not sure how I'm doing on size.  All I know is I'm feeling big and know I'm going to get bigger. . . for sure.  My third trimester begins next Tuesday.  Can't believe it's already here. 

Claire is growing.  I'm hoping to move her into her next bedroom soon.  We decided to keep the nursery set up for the new baby and to move Claire into the bigger room (we'd been using as a guest room) and redecorate it.  We bought her a little Children's Bed (bigger than a toddler bed, not so big as a twin) at IKEA and a little black wood table with chairs and have put her red toddler reading chair in there.  We moved her clothes and have been encouraging her to play and color and read in this new room.  Christian is going to paint a tree in the room in the next couple of weeks and we are going to buy cubbies for the wall (for books and bins and toys) and put a dresser in her closet.  I'm hoping my next post is pictures of her new room, complete with tree, curtains and cubbies :-)  We'll see how far we get.  My mom's been really very helpful and she's sewing Claire's bedspread and the curtains.  I really should learn to do this myself. . . hmm maybe this summer.

Another bit of Claire news: she's starting to potty train.  I wasn't going to post this anywhere but I slipped up on Facebook when I was so dang excited about Victoria Garden's and their toddler potty and sink, I posted it as my status update.  Cat's out of the bag.  We are officially nuts.  But she's doing great at home.  We are just having a tough time when she's away from home like at the Parent and Me preschool my mom takes her to or at the babysitters (both places she loves and both are places where she loves to play and where she tends to get distracted).  I keep telling myself that I just need a week or two where I'm home and don't have to work in the mornings.  I think it would finish it up but I don't have a full week until April.  So we are doing a slow method, for now.  She is getting better and better at home and we are excited about it.  We'll see how this progresses.

Other things of note: she's graduated from her high chair to a booster, has two of her four 2 year molars, is learning to jump, sing and is a big hit at work where I'm pretty sure she's become the choir mascot.  Recently, she's become the proud owner of a real pair of tennis shoes (went from wearing Robeez to Early Walkers to a real pair of shoes).  She loves babies.  Hopefully, this trait continues.  She'll need to love babies very soon :-)