Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer Catch up- July/Early August

Summer School 
I started with the best of intentions.  I really did.  We were going to be doing Before 5 in a Row every week this summer.  We did it one week.  Dang it. It wasn't like we were lacking activity and I do think she learned a lot despite my inability to get with the program this summer but it ended up being for the best.  We started out with Blueberries for Sal and read the book and did some number and letter activities, ate blueberries and made freezer jam and fully intended to go blueberry picking but it turns out we were a week late :-/  We were bummed. But had a good week anyway.  And the jam is so yummy. And I have two more jars in my freezer! 

Parent and Me Class (Joyful Parenting OC Continuing Ed) 
We did continue with the Joyful Parenting class all summer with both girls.  For the most part, the theme in the summertime is Ocean and there are a lot of ocean stories and crafts.  I've been taking Ashlyn to the class for the older kids since that means we'd only go once and, usually the crafts and stories are the same, although the older class does a bit more with letters etc. I like the other parents I have met in the class and the girls love to go every single week.  Since we aren't really doing a "formal preschool" for them, this is their preschool class and it's been great for them!  The class has music/movement, art, stories, letters and free play every week.  It's a perfect complement to what we are doing at home!

Normally, I just take the girls to the Splashpad at the Shoppes but I completely forgot that one night a week they closed the pad for the concerts in the park in the evening.  Guess which afternoon I had the girls all suited up and ready for waterplay?  Sigh. But that meant we got to discover a new place to play and not far from our house in Eastvale.  Super cute neighborhood with this park/splashpad right in the middle of it. Saved the day, for sure.

A chunk of the summer was also spent planning and doing summer activities with the church we attend.  We had a movie night, summer Sunday School (during the sermon lesson) and roller skating.  Christian and Claire were still learning how to skate, mommy had fun making laps around the rink and Ashlyn played with Pastor Cliff who was given strict orders not to strap skates on a hurt himself :-)

Misc. Summer
We spent a lot of time at the park and with friends and playing with the water table in the backyard. . .
transferred Claire to our bed for naptime since she only naps every couple days or so (this way she gets "rest time" even if she doesn't nap and won't wake Ashlyn and if she does need one, she can fall asleep easily). . .
learned more homekeeping skills such as shucking corn, folding laundry and taking care of the garden.

Zoomar's Petting Zoo
My mom is way into Groupon.  I have resisted thus far but have started downloading the apps for both Groupon and LivingSocial.  I can now understand the addiction. There are great deals on there!  One of which was a discounted trip to Zoomar's Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano.  It really was a fun day!  We went with my mom and Marisol the kids pet and fed the animals.  Ashlyn was pretty worried about the horseback ride at first but eased into it pretty soon after she saw sister high atop her horse and was fine for the rest of the ride.  There were goats and guinea pigs, rabbits and sheep.  Perfect summer morning.

Beach Baptisms at Corona del Mar
One of our favorite church events was beach baptisms down at Corona del Mar in early August.  We had quite a few baptisms that morning and a great time with friends and we got to learn at lot about others and their journey of faith.  Ashlyn is a little leery of the water and the waves.  Still working on it.  She swims great in a pool but lake or ocean water completely freaks her out.  

Post getting a little long.  Working on another for the remainder of the summer!  


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