Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to finish out your summer right. . . a wrap up.

Dance Class
Claire kept up with her dance classes this summer.  I'm considering putting Ashlyn in since I think she'd love it but, for a couple reasons, I'm thinking I'll try something different for Ashlyn this year and wait until she is 3 to get her going on the dance classes.  It really is super cute to see Claire love the classes so much.  
Captured this sometime this summer.  Love how they are watching the older girls and how impressed I've been with the girls my girls will look up to. 

Skirball Cultural Center: Noah's Ark
Now, this was cool.  We really could have spent so much more time at the Skirball.  I just had no idea.  They really made the Noah's Ark story come to life for my girls.  Claire still talks about this day.  Wants to go back so, so bad.

 Also at the Skirball, they had a replica of an Israeli archaeological dig site.  We got our own sand pit and canopy and were given specific things to look for in our site.  SUPER neat.  The guide was so fun and helpful.

Peppertree Park: Broadway in the Park 
Every year we go with some friends to Peppertree Park in order to watch that year's Broadway performance in the park.  This year it was Peter Pan.  The girls LOVED it and, thanks to the KidCo PeaPod and Ashlyn's ability to fall asleep when she's tired just about anywhere, we were able to stay the entire show (normally, we've left at intermission).  

Ashlyn snoozing during the show. 
 Chino Youth Museum
One thing that's nice about summertime, I'm able to check out things in our area that I don't, normally, get to explore with the girls.  I, actually, am just discovering what is out here 5 years after I moved here.  One morning this summer we went to the Chino Youth Museum and had a BLAST. The girls had so much fun and didn't want to leave.  Definitely a place we will be returning to soon!

Claire's "I'm the bad guy" face
 All Church VBS and Chili Cook Off (Summer Send-Off) 
The last week of summer, a friend and I pulled of a chili cook-off plus VBS afternoon at the church.  The event was a hit (although the VBS portion was small, which I'm ok with considering our philosophy of training children and families). . . but I digress.  The kids had a great time learning about Moses, wearing fake mustaches (who doesn't love THAT?!) and playing with the mini parachute I snagged on Zulily.

 We gave the entire event a Western Theme and had a couple judges who picked the winner for the event (one of which turned out to be my husband. . . you know, the guy with the aversion to spicy food?  Go figure.)    

Aaaand here's our shocked winner of our cook-off.  Serina was fairly certain she was just adding a chili to the pile, one that wasn't going to make much of a splash. And it totally won.  Awesome.  I love that.

Claire got hyped up on sno-cones. . . a treat we rarely allow at our house since we are a artificial flavor/coloring family.  Never. Again.  She couldn't sit still for DAYS after the event.  She and Logan sure had fun, though, in the moment.

Good bye, summer!  (Although, in California, I'm sure we have SEVERAL more weeks left. . . .)

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