Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching Up: Claire's 1st birthday party (from May. . . )

I'm a terrible blogger. Last time I posted I was out of my rather bizarre surgery in . . . er, April.  It's the middle of August. So, I'm going to write several "catch up" entries to get the summer caught up.  First entry is this one:  Claire is 1.  We had a great little party for her at the end of May.  She loved every minute.  My grandma made her this lamb shaped cake that 1 year olds in our family have had for EVER.  It was so cute.  We held the party at the little park across the street from our house.  Most of our immediate family came and a few sweet friends (a couple of Claire's small friends couldn't come at the last minute. . .a few bugs going around!)  Claire's guests were very generous to her.  She got a lot of new clothes, toys and her old babysitter even painted a picture of her! Mommy, daddy and her grandparents and great grandparents got her a toddler chair that she'll be able to use well into preschool.  Happy Belated Birthday post to my little Munch!  :-)  Enjoy a few more pictures from the day!