Monday, September 15, 2014

Arrowhead: August 7-8, 2014

Our summer vacation this year was a trip up to Lake Arrowhead with my parents, grandparents, niece and my own little family.  We loaded up the Mazda and headed up to the mountains on a Thursday and spent until Sunday morning at a cabin my mom got on, you guessed it, Groupon.  Great thing about this cabin is that it had lake access which is, apparently, a huge deal in Lake Arrowhead. The cabin had no A/C which, at first, seemed like it was going to be a little crazy but the mountain breezes soon let us know why artificial cooling wasn't really needed!  My parents and Soli slept on the first level/basement, my grandparents slept on the main floor and we were on the top level.  Each group got their own space and bathroom, which was really nice.  
Christian and I discovered, however, that we have outgrown our little sedans, even with the two kids and since we hope to add another little one to the mix in the somewhat near future, this trip to Arrowhead was the one that really pushed us to consider how much we are needing a bigger set of wheels.  
All packed up for our trip!

Ashlyn and Papa Dick at the table. View from the upstairs landing.

Claire's first experience with a bunk bed. 

Ashlyn was pretty excited about the lasagna.

Mountain Sunset

Grandma, Soli and Ashlyn

Papa on his guitar


Finally found flip flops in Christian's size ;-)

Claire's new pet. 

Christian playing 5 Crowns
 I didn't get any pictures of us at the lake, I realized.  A few fun things of note, Claire swam all the way out to the rope at the other side of the lake in her floaties.  She's becoming a great swimmer and I'm super proud of her.  Christian and I played card games with my grandparents at night and got to spend a little time on our own shopping at Lake Arrowhead Village (which was a big treat for us, since we don't get to do it real often anymore!
I'm grateful for a great trip and blessed that we all stayed healthy.

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