Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunny Celebration

Ashlyn can ride!
Love them.  Lots and lots. 
Claire's very favorite color is yellow.  You ask her what her favorite color is and that's what she'll tell you.  Yellow.  It's sweet, really.  Her name means, "Bright, illustrious" and I guess it fits that she picked the brightest, happiest color on the spectrum to be her favorite.  So when deciding what to theme the girls' birthday party this summer, I knew I had to go with something yellow.  So "You are My Sunshine" it became.  
Claire and her Grandma Christie
Most people who know me know how much I love Pinterest.  I found several cute ideas on Pinterest, of course, but for the most part, I just raided Party City's "yellow" section and made sunshine cupcakes.  We used yellow flowers for decoration (yellow daisies and sunflowers) on the tables.  Usually, we make all the food but my school schedule has been so crazy this year, I found out that Stater Brothers had a GREAT deal on a HUGE sandwich.  We ordered two of them.  Claire is at the age where she has a lot of friends and for the past two years we have invited, mostly, friends of ours with kids who play with her. Luckily, for now, her friends' parents are our friends.  Ashlyn, although, significantly less aware of what was going on, seemed to enjoy herself, for sure, although, her breathing wasn't the best the entire weekend.  On a side note, I'm worried about Ashlyn and her lungs.  Praying all the time that neither of them have my asthma. . .  She picked at her lamb smash cake, the lamb cake her grandma, her momma and her sister all had at their 1st brithdays.  But overall she did well and even met a new friend, Beckett :-)
Claire and her sunshine cupcake
Ashlyn and the smash lamb cake made by GG

We'll probably continue to have their parties together since their birthdays are so close.  We'll probably do it until it matters to one or both of them but not they love each other very much and to them, birthday is "our birthday."  Happy Birthday, my sweet twins-two-years-apart!

After the party.  Princess yellow fairy Claire :-)

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