Friday, April 5, 2013


Although we haven't been, officially, homeschooling yet (this may start in the next few months), we are constantly trying to teach Claire (and Ashlyn, too) things about her world.  Claire "helps" with dishes, loads the dishwasher, helps me with simple things with dinner prep and "folds" clothes with me.  A friend of mine, years ago, introduced me to the concept of "tomato staking."  Short version, you keep your children close to you most of the time, involving them in everything you are doing and in the process are training them in what you are doing and in right behavior at the same time because they, hopefully, see it in you!  It's not always something I can do, since I work part-time but I do try to involve them in most everything.  I take my girls everywhere (around their nap schedules, usually) and it's great to watch them be a part of our lives rather than a "drain" on it. They are a part of our lives and we love sharing it with them.  
Recently, on a trip to Target, I made a swing through the dollar bin.  I found a couple plastic greenhouse kits.  Our yard is not "plant habitable" (I'm hoping to post another blog post about the yard and my garden I'm planning in the next month) so this little greenhouse had to do.  I bought Cilantro and Basil and had a planting party with Claire and Ashlyn.  Claire loved it and learned a bit, for sure!  How God grows plants and give us food is number one (helpful since both the plants we picked can be eaten.  The discussion question also centered around "What do plants need to grow?!"  Water, sunlight, soil! We said this over and over as we prepped our greenhouse and everytime we go out to check on our soil/seeds to see if  they are moist.  We are also talking a bit about "patience" :-)  Hopefully, my little dollar seeds will spring up.  Otherwise, we'll be trying the lesson again later, with seeds I'll probably pay a little more for. . .
In the meantime, I keep planting seeds of my own with the girls.  Planting memories and ideas and love into the fertile soil of their hearts and praying the good stuff takes root, that our little green tomatoes grow into beautiful vines and that they forgive me for the times I may stumble and plant a weed or two.

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