Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Independant

So, Claire is 10 months old as of yesterday.  She's, progressively, gotten more and more independant. . . which is, of course, as it should be.  For a while, she would only feed herself Rice Rusks and Teething Biscuits.  If cheese or Cheerios or peas or bananna slices or whatever were put before her, they were seen a things to move around the highchair, or throw.  In the last several weeks, she's seems to have gotten it.  So much so that I'm thinking she actually would rather stuff food into her mouth than take it from mommy's spoon.  Sometimes, I have to distract her with some self feeding in order for her to get a little bit of the spoon stuff in.  This works just fine.  She eats a couple bites of shreadded cheese or whatever, mommy spoons in a few spoonfuls of avocado or chicken and stars or spaghetti or whatever else can't quite be made "bite sized".  When this girl gets herself on a spoon, I think she'll be able to go to town on whatever we're eating.  Already, we're trying to cut up most of our food and give it to her, within reason.  I'm hoping she gains a love for flavor and trying new things, like mama :-) We'll see.  Can't hurt to keep introducing her to new stuff, letting her explore the world of taste and texture. It's fun to watch her do this on her own and mildly bittersweet.  She went from taking in nutrients from everything I ate to nothing but breastmilk, to mommy spoonfeeding to grabbing what she wants on her own.  It's all pretty amazing.  Guess I'm just a sentimental parent.  
Yesterday, Claire's also started to pull herself all the way up to a standing position. . . . not sure I'm ready for what this means. . .    

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