Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cogito Ergo. . . Ergo!

I love, love, love my babycarriers.  I just told someone, recently, that I am addicted to babycarriers.  I really, really am.  When she was very little, I wore her around in the Mobywrap.  Only problem, it was a little warm for my summer baby.  I actually have two Moby's, although, I've recently loaned one to someone who needed one.  When Claire was about 4 weeks old, I decided I needed to check out some newborn carrier options that didn't make me want to sweat out my my own weight.  So off to Belly Sprout I went, on a mission.  The girl working in the store showed me a couple of carriers and I settled on the Zolowear Ringsling.  Loved that carrier.  Took it to Colorado on my trip to our family reunion.  It was fantastic on the airplane, through the airport and during the reunion.  I would take her on walks in the ringsling around the neighborhood and carry her around the house when she was fussy. Some of the best money I've ever spent.  But the heavier she got, the more I was thinking I wanted something else.  I had been coveting the Ergo Babycarrier for a very, very long time.  Finally, I decided to use my Babies R Us giftcards and order one.  A.maz.ing product.  I love how I can get things done (cook, clean, hike, shop, direct a church musical or school play) and she rides along with no problems.  She gets to learn about what I'm doing while I'm wearing her in the Ergo and even takes a good nap every once in a while.  Jives with one of my favorite No Greater Joy articles.  Babywearing is conducive to child training too! My mom loves it.  My babysitter loves it. It is a serious hit at our house and beyond.  
I've since bought a Boba carrier. Zulily had a special and was selling it for $60.  Score.  Similair concept as the Ergo but it has little stirrups for your toddler to put his/her feet.  Ergo claims to hold up to 35 lbs while the Boba will carry 45 lbs.   Haven't used the Boba yet but I'll work on it.  Don't feel the need to cheat on my Ergo quite yet.    But having more than one carrier like this will be fantastic, especially when we have more than one baby and each of us can carry a baby.  Sure is a blessing to hold my girl close and get things done and train her and show her what mommy does all at the same time!  

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  1. So CUTE!! I love the backward looking pic. I remember those days. Did the same thing with my kids. I think that is a big reason why they were both early talkers. Because I would also talk to them the whole time I was "doing" things while wearing them! Sending my kisses and hugs- michelle wood