Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's to 30 Crazy Years!

Well, here we are. I'm officially 30. Christian has another year to go until he hits the next decade of his life. But I'm ok with that I suppose. So far, I've had a quiet but fun few days of celebration. It all started at the Herman's celebrating all the July and August birthdays which included Lori, Lydia, Christian, Jeff and my birthdays. It was a good time with family and Claire went in the pool for the first time (ok, it was the spa turned down to bath temperature but close enough). Then, last Saturday we went to my grandparent's house to celebrate my and my grandpa's birthdays. His birthday is on August 12th, right before mine. Today, my mom took me to Glen Ivy. It's free admission in your birthday! My grandparents were gracious enough to take care of Claire for the morning and while the were babysitting, they gave me a HUGE surprise. Claire cooperated and took a LONG morning nap so they were able to CLEAN OUT MY GARAGE! Seriously! One of the best presents I got, if not the best. I can actually PARK MY CAR IN THERE! I'm so blessed. I'll get pictures of these events, although mom and I didn't take any at Glen Ivy, unfortunately.
But the next evening we went to a climbing gym with some friends for a "day late" birthday celebration. So this all works for me. I'm not a big "party go crazy" person, but doing something relaxing and a little crazy to commemorate 30 years is just perfect for me :-) Here's to my next 30 years. . .

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