Thursday, May 7, 2015

Easter and Reed's first Sunday in church

Reed's first Sunday in church also happened to be Easter Sunday, which I totally love, by the way.  What better Sunday, the day God completed the adoption into His family, we bring this precious boy before Him.  Thankfulness abounds.   

This year I got three baskets together.

Made the girls wait at the top of the stairs before they ran down to get their baskets, anticipation going wild (I had to make sure I was ready to take pictures, of course! :-) )

He is Risen, so we celebrate with baskets and love and worship at church and getting dressed up.  Easter's really one of my favorites.  More hope than my heart can even hold during this holiday.

Of course, finding "dress up clothes" for a newborn the week before Easter isn't easy but I think I did pretty well.

After service, the girls enjoyed an Egg Hunt on the lawn with other kids at the church.  

Happy Easter! He is Risen :-)

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