Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Everything There is a Season

"To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" -Ecclesiates 3:1
I like holidays.  I like tradition.  With a baby, holidays and tradition are an even bigger deal.  Holidays tend to mark the passing of time.  I got a small pile of hand-me-downs for Claire from our very good friends, the Schulerts.  They have two little girls (Jane 3 years and Grace 10 months . . .Claire's future camping buddies) and part of the stash was a very cute orange pj set with a little pumpkin on it for October.  Unfortunately, it was a size 0-3.  I imagine it was Jane's, a July 5th baby.  It doesn't fit my 3-6 size baby girl.  I'm bummed.  But she hit that season at a different time, her own time.  Claire was 5 weeks old over the 4th of July, and nearly 5 months by Halloween. She'll be almost 7 months at Christmastime.  Each period, we'll take more pictures and mark this fleeting, yet so important, time in her life, each holiday showing a little more growth, a little more development.  Her pictures on July 4th show a sleepy newborn who slept through city fireworks, her Halloween shots, hardly four months later, show a baby who can sit up on her own and who smiles, happily at the camera.

Everyone promised me it would go by fast.  I just think I didn't really believe them.  


  1. isn't it amazing? i mean, really, really amazing? each week is a milestone, in my eyes! :) who would've thought i'd get excited that my baby could turn her head from side to side, or sit up on her own, or now, start to walk!

    enjoy every moment with precious claire... she is so perfect! and it really goes by so fast! :)

  2. Sweet post. :-) I'm glad we have blogs that make it easier to document both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments.

  3. Yes! I'm better at posting here than I am at updating her baby book! :-)

  4. What adorable pictures! Truly, the time is fleeting. My youngest daughter is already 5 years old, and I feel like she was just a baby yesterday, and I barely blinked my eyes, and she's big. I keep reminding myself to live in the moment and enjoy my kids, because when I blink again, they'll have grown up...